Bestiale Battio Divino
(Caligari Records)

The combination of black metal meeting hardcore can pull off some of the most devastating and filth ridden treats around. When it comes to Cioran’s newest release, Bestiale Battio Divino, there is much to really dig here, as well as promise. In these six tracks the album delivers on d-beat rushes coated in crusty finishes, as well as brief elements of diversity in its heaviness.

All the songs are fast and hit hard, and while not the most diverse work, the record never becomes too repetitive. “Sogno Organico 90” is the basic idea that makes up Bestiale Battio Divino. With the heaviest sound on the album, the foundation it lays for sinister guitar riffs and clashing drums is felt all the way through. Other tracks such as “D’Un Senso Fortezza” and “Silicio” capture these elements, playing with patterns ever-so slightly. These changes include upping the speed of playing, to dragging everything to a sludge crawl.

The music that really sticks out here is “Petricor”, and specifically “Latrato”. For a record that only has six songs, these happen to be the longest, and the most effective in delivery. In “Petricor”, the intro slows down while still including a terrific build up. Its space in vocals to instrumentals bring in a distance and somber background that is profound with the pummeling sound that listeners will already have gotten used to. “Latrato” stands out as the strongest for how diverse it is among the rest of the titles. With a fuzz just underneath the instrumentals, the rhythm is much more relaxed and makes for a “jam out” vibe. It brings its way back to the crusty hardcore elements, and still holds to a melancholy atmosphere. While the rest of the work is able to play with some structure and changes in their common sounds, “Latrato” shows how the band is able to combine elements of different music into one cohesive song.

Bestiale Battio Divino shows that Cioran has the ability to grow and create great work. The foundation for crust-driven heaviness, and the ability to create balance and slight diversity are present there and then (but more prominent towards the end). There is something unique in Cioran’s slower material, something odd and different that pays off well. It makes for unique experimentation in a subgenre so use to constantly flying forward. In the end, Cioran crafts a blackened-crust atmosphere and drive that will please many and sure to gain fans.

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