(Southern Lord)

Circle’s Terminal album is an adventure into strange territory powered by 40 minutes of super eclectic and fun tunes. The name of the Finnish band could not be more apt, because they’ve been doing full laps around all the evolutions of rock music over 30 albums now. Terminal is a nexus that provides a little something for everybody. The music is driven by thick acid riffs that make Circle sound like The Stooges going through a wormhole of psychedelic ambiance. Most of the lyrics are vocalized in Finnish, which adds a unique sense of Nordic tribal mysticism conjured throughout Circle’s loopy pop mantras.

Although they’re eclectic, Circle does not lose the sense of rock’s roots, and that’s something I enjoy. There are moments of raw explosive punk energy that implode into otherworldly bedtime lullabies, unpeeling layers of aggression that reveal a transcendental bliss. The album is a remarkable example of rock & roll creativity. It’s always a privilege to nail that one band that just adds up to way more than anyone could really truly explain.

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I'm a 31-year-old teenager and I love riffs.

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