Finally! Collective Soul has released their long-anticipated new release, Blood! As a diehard fan of this band, it seems like forever waiting for this new music. After listening, I can say that it was well worth the wait! This album is titled Blood as a nod to the importance of family and roots to the men in this band. While music is always an extension of the artist’s soul, it’s so refreshing to have a band share so openly those things that are important to us in our own lives. 

Collective Soul is a family…their fans are their family…their music solidifies that family. This album is the perfect homage to those loved and cherished by this band. As a part of the Collective Soul family, I say thank you to the guys for the fabulous love letter!  

Now, let’s talk about the tracks!  

The boys kick off with an edgy and majorly catchy tune, “Now’s the Time.” This one grabs you and holds on for dear life! Great message, incredible music! Next up is “Over Me.” This one is a bit heavier with amazing vocals and nasty guitars (yeah, that’s my weakness)! “Right as Rain” is the first I heard from the new album during their live shows last year. This is one of my favorites. It’s got it all…hooky as hell, great guitars, awesome vocals, and one of those beats that gets your toes tapping on the first drum beat. 

“Them Blues” is a bit of a different tune for CS. It’s very cool storytelling song, a little sad, a little angsty, but smoooooooth as silk. Jesse Triplett lays down a badass guitar solo!  “Good Place to Start” is an awesome positive tune about some of the troubles in our world today. It’s got a really great vibe. Love this one! “Observation of Thoughts” is the most vintage CS on the entire record. You could hear this one and know right off that it’s CS.  “Changed” is poignant and introspective. The honesty of this song hits you straight in the heart and gut. 

“Big Sky” is just awesome! The drumming is reminiscent of a military band in the beginning. The melody is wispy and airy…this tune just makes me smile. “Porch Swing” is vintage CS with a little more blues sound and feel than most. Lyrically, this song is freaking perfection! 

All in all, Blood delivers everything that CS fans have been waiting for! Ten more songs to add to the catalog of songs to love! This one is highly recommended for new and old fans of Collective Soul! Get it! I promise you’ll be glad you did!

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