Let me see if I can properly put into words how this band and their new record, Caro Data Vermibus sounds – “And the walls shook, and fissures appeared in the ground, swallowing all that could not escape. Under a blackened sky, tears of blood flow as river drowning all of mankind…” Of course you could always go the other route and just call it what it is – unabashed, old school, ass kicking, face melting death metal. That’s one way to go, right? Come Back From The Dead is a serious mosh worthy band that everyone should be talking about. Every song sounds like it was written specifically for a little friendly violent fun in the pit. It has teeth, it has aggression, and it’s a steamroller waiting to run over you.

Come Back From The Dead is a five man-wrecking machine based out of Spain comprised of members from Machetazo, Nashgul and Bokluk. Their new record, Caro Data Vermibus, is a magnificent four song EP showcasing just how good death metal can be when you eliminate pretension, get back to basics, and surround yourself with musicians who play so hard they strip paint off walls. My only complaint is that this isn’t a full-length release; it’s that friggin’ good.

Take track four, Caro Data Vermibus, for instance. Old school Finnish death metal notions spiked with punk attitude and (at times), a Motörhead fueled, guitar riff line. I have to be honest here. A lot of death metal I listen to nowadays is “throw away,” that is, one listen and it’s forgotten about. Not so with Caro Data Vermibus.

It gets into your head, hooks you. It’s an easy listen over and over again because it’s that damn good. And the production on this record should be recognized as spot on in the sense that it doesn’t over polish the sound of the band; instead it brings it to the forefront where it belongs. Come Back From The Dead scorch Earth with passion and rage, something that’s missing from a lot of bands these days, which is why Caro Data Vermibus doesn’t sound forced or formulaic.

For sure, we need to hear more from this band. I envision Caro Data Vermibus will be to Come Back From The Dead what Kill ‘Em All was to Metallica. And be warned, this record will live inside your record collection; take over your iPod, however you get and play music these days. Caro Data Vermibus has made my end of year “best of” list for sure. Amazing record.

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