Comeback Kid
(Nuclear BlastNew Damage Records)

Hardcore heavyweights Comeback Kid have entered the ring of music again with their sixth studio album Outsider. Now before we dive in, know that Comeback Kid always hit hard. While they’ve slightly altered their form, and display, the style is still there. It’s not going to be Turn It Around, Wake The Dead or Broadcasting. As the title suggest, this is the Outsider. Still CBK all the way, but they’ve spiced up their sound and threw some wild cards in as well.

Starting off with track one, it’s what is expected from Comeback Kid. Heavy, hard hitting, catchy, and undoubtedly a CBK song. Outsider is everything you’ll want in these Winnipeg warriors. Fast, aggressive, and non-stop. Swinging for a knock out the entire way through even into track two and three “Surrender Control” and “Absolute,” Comeback Kid sticks to their gut and hardcore background with heavy riffs, belt-along phrases, and destructive breakdowns. Coming into track four however ‘Hell of a Scene’ we hear a bit of a change.

Nothing new with the intro, but we get hit with a wall of melodic vocals. I’ll admit it’s a shock the first listen. But Comeback Kid have been around for long enough to not only play around with new dynamics, but totally nail them. Take “Somewhere, Somehow’ for the perfect example of the life of CBK. From their first releases to what their new direction has to offer. Undoubtedly Comeback Kid riffs, with a perfect melodic chorus. I for one am thrilled with the melodic choices these kingpins of hardcore have chosen. It’s hard to build a sound for 15+ years without completely changing direction on new releases. Comeback Kid has managed to take what they perfected in the early 2000’s and move forward with new ideas and styles. Maintaining their heaviness and intensity, but seeming to add ideas and influence from 90s punk CBK deserves an applause. In this world of hardcore/punk, it’s usually the Outsider who everyone gets along with the most.

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