If there’s one thing you can say about the members of Concrete Eden, it’s that they’re passionate on their new release, Left. The band merges elements of hardcore music with rap metal for a truly engaging sound that helps the band stick out as unique. There’s always something new to say – nobody has ever discovered everything – and this fact underlies the new release from Concrete Eden’s success as a piece of art.

Their music is all around a no nonsense creation, both in its artistic form and in its thematic content. The music is pummeling but it allows you to have breaks when vocalist Mike Kostner raps a verse or two – and the music is always right there to pick up the pace and remind you you’re listening to a heavy record.

Lots of hardcore, of course, is political, but advocating for one particular political persuasion is not exactly the members of Concrete Eden’s point on their new release. Their music is much more on the “bringing people together” side of the spectrum than it is on the “making a political point” side. In that light, on one of the tracks, Kostner sings: “Who makes the mess? Politics I guess. The world is loveless.”

In that same light, there’s a point on the album when the band seems basically all about providing a good time for its listeners. On a track that features lots of hardcore melody, Kostner sings about the power of live music and invites listeners to join him in the experience – it’s hard to listen to without bobbing your head and it’s clear on Left that Concrete Eden has a strong stage presence.

Kostner, it’s very much worth noting, does not at all just stick to rapping on the album. He also employs some lows on occasion that match the pounding music nicely.

The point of Concrete Eden’s music is about more than just having a good time, even though they are interested in that too. It’s more about turning people away from the political corruption that pockmarks society – and which the band makes clear they hate – and opening up something engaging and communal for people.

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