On June, 1st, Ohio based metalcore band Convictions released their second full-length album Hope for the Broken via InVogue Records. This is the album that could finally put the severely underrated metalcore in the limelight that they seem to truly deserve. From start to finish the album delivers some of the most solid metalcore riffs and rough/clean vocals you’ll hear so far this year. The band has been able to not only put together a strong cohesive album that tells a tale, but also showcases how much the band has grown since their first full-length release.

Let’s start off with how great the songs themselves were written. Along with the band itself being underrated, they also hold host to probably the most underrated vocalist in the scene. Both the harsh and clean vocals show off an impressive range and showcase multiple styles with each technique sounding just as good as the last. These stellar vocal performances are back by even better riff work. Some of the catchiest riffs I’ve heard this year can be found in this album, and trust me I’ve heard a lot of music thus far. To add to the musical genius that went into the album listeners are treated with delightfully catchy choruses that truly make you want to sing along, and are also given the gift of some really heavy breakdowns the border on the hardcore genre.

Now let’s go back and touch on the tale the album tells. All you have to do is listen to the album’s stand out single “Voices” to understand the theme the band was going for. It touches on how people deal with their inner struggles in a somewhat personable way. By sharing their own experiences and feelings the band have been able to create a special dynamic the puts listeners in their shoes, and help those that are struggling with these issues by giving them that shared experience. The album becomes relatable in a non-cheesy way. You really believe in the words that are being said because they’re told with such artistry and conviction (pun not intended).

Be sure to pick up Hope for the Broken soon. In my opinion there isn’t enough solid metalcore bands at the forefront, but what Convictions have done with the album they might just turn things around for the genre. This is a band that is itching to get to the next level, and don’t be surprised if you see them on top sometime in the near future.

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