Challenge Oppression // Pursue Equality EP

COPE are a new metalcore band out of the UK, and their debut EP does a great job of showcasing what the band does well and how it can improve. These five songs are all of a brand of southern metal-meets-hardcore that groups like Feed The Rhino, Gallows, and Every Time I Die do so well. COPE are, thankfully, completely disinterested in slick choruses or brutal breakdowns, even if their style is melodic and heavy. The group’s moniker and whole ideology stems from unity and pushing against anything standing in the way of equality. It’s a message that always seems timely (unfortunately), and despite some really hackneyed platitudes, it’s a mostly effective vessel for the message. These five tracks don’t display an entirely unique personality, but comparing punk substance with impressively done melodic metallic hardcore results in a short yet fun overall package. If they can add some extra oomph to their sound and get away from cliche lyrics, COPE could be onto something quite special.

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