It’s been four years since Finland juggernauts Corpsessed released their debut rager Abysmal Thresholds, but fear not, they’ve returned in top form with their sophomore record, Impetus of Death, and this disc is well worth the wait.  Of course, we can’t forget the EP they released in 2012, The Dagger and the Chalice, but a band as strong as Corpsessed needs a full-length to truly showcase this monster that is their wall of sound.

 “Impetus of Death” is eight ball-crushing tracks of fierce, grinding, necro-infused steel that’s very much a nod to the 80s/early 90s school of death metal with just enough Bolt Thrower thrown in to make “Impetus of Death” a fast favorite for any extreme music fan. To say this record is heavy is an understatement.  Let’s use two words instead to describe how good this disc is – Mammoth.  Leviathan.  Every song on this record is an unrepentant bone crusher.  Its damage path is wide and malevolent.  When we talk about the “good old days” of death metal, or how this genre should sound, “Impetus of Death” is the shining example of this.’

If you’re asking yourself what makes this record so good, the answer is simple: it’s blast beat and riff-driven.  It’s the music that drives the vocals.  It’s the ominous, down tuned guitars crazily feeding off the interplay between nightmarish vocals and an almost primal, even tribal feel of the drums.  Everything comes together, creating an intense atmosphere of creepy, foreboding that builds from the first song all the way to the final track, “Starless Event Horizon,” climaxing in what can only be described as all-out doom and apocalypse that engulfs the listener whole.

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