Corrosive definitely keep the faith when it comes to playing old school death metal, but the execution and originality of Lucifer Gave the Faith leave something to be desired.

For those who like their death metal straightforward and untouched by other genres, Corrosive may be just what the doctor ordered. However, for those looking for a little more experimentation and variation, they may prove to be a little generic. Tracks like “Take the Pain,” the second on the album, are pretty devoid of melody, and a little predictable when it comes to subject matter and title. “Crown of Bones” is probably the catchiest track on the album, as well as the most melodic, but it still never really strays outside of the expected.

Don’t get me wrong; Corrosive can definitely shred, and more than hold their own when it comes to being proficient musicians and good songwriters. But in the varied musical landscape of 2018, nothing they make really stands out. Still, those who have been craving a callback to simpler times should definitely check this out.

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