You’re Not You Anymore
(Pure Noise Records)

Back at it with their fifth studio album, Counterparts comes out of the gates with an awesome blend of melodic hardcore in You’re Not You Anymore. Throughout eleven songs, Counterparts presents a blend of delicious melodies that pop and drone alongside a consistent hardcore adrenaline.

The intro track “Walk Away Slowly” opens things up with a beautiful wash of misty tones. The droning sparkles with elegance, leading us into the next song “Bouquet”. Coming right into the track makes for a drastic shift, as the drum beat rapidly takes off with a pounding bass and screaming vocals. Even in moments when the guitar work is speeding away, it drops in bits of melody to add flavor. “Arms Like Teeth” keeps to the same constant beat down of drum work, while also bringing in a wave of radiance. The guitar playing washes over the instrumentation, the track bursting with melancholy auras.

You’re Not You Anymore is an emotional treat of various shades. While part of the record provides a somber atmosphere, the instrumentation also gives a triumphant empowerment This is thanks to the combination of bright guitar sounds, along with the ever-present hardcore element. This latter component comes with a pure adrenaline and drive, allowing for the work to never stale out. It should also be said that some of the material within You’re Not You Anymore also offers time for the instrumentation to settle, giving off this blissful trance.

“Haunt Me” adds a darker tone to its melodic work, while also taking a step back from the speed found in previous tracks. This change makes for a somber piece that breathes tension and sorrow. There’s a shadowy presence within the bass that pounces underneath each drum beat and scream, the guitar popping with streaks of electricity. “Rope” shifts tempos throughout its run time, the drum work blasting off, and the guitar coming through in waves. Towards the end of the song, the sound drops into this dark and brutal aura that lingers with coldness. “A Memory Misread” begins with a similar dark tone, but within seconds erupts into this roaring brightness. The guitar maintains an element of darkness through uses of guitar chugging, while the track concludes on the uplifting chorus.

The album does a terrific job of balancing out the use of droning melodies and hardcore delivery. Never does it come off as an overwhelming delivery of constant beating down, nor an overwhelming mood that becomes monotonous. Counterparts takes the best parts of themselves and fit them into one emotionally intriguing record. You’re Not You Anymore makes for an energetic ride that allows for as much head banging as it does inner reflection.

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