Countless Thousands
You’re Goddamn Right EP

These four guys from Garden Grove, California play power pop mixed with poppy punk rock, but not pop punk, yes; there is a big difference with one being fun and pop punk being crap nowadays. This EP has a lot going for it; political lyrics, fun lyrics and great playing that make it stand out from the crowd.

The songs are fast, fun, but full of interesting lyrics that will get you thinking, and the vocals are perfect for this, clean and full of energy. The songs are fairly quick and bouncy, but then you get “Excellent Horse Like Lady (USA Version)” which is a slow and mellow song, as well as being the newest video and is the most political song on here. The song is fantastic and the vocals are simply amazing on this song. “Only Child” has a touch of country feel and has a great chorus that some people will be able to appreciate. Crunchy guitars, rumbling bass that’s mixed with hammering drums and some of the best punk/pop vocals that I have heard in a long time make for a great listen.

This is what I have been waiting for, a band that’s punky, poppy and has a touch of power pop to it, all with great playing and incredible vocals. This is the real deal folks, Countless Thousands hits all of the right buttons and just gets better the more that you listen to them.

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