Courage My Love
(Warner / InVogue)

It’s difficult to keep up with the fast-paced velocity of pop punk. It’s a genre full to the brim with many acts craving to strut their talents on the big stage. It clearly a mass market, programmed and tweaked, but occasionally, there’s an original gem shining like a million fireflies. The band in question, is Courage My Love, an act fronted by the fiery Mercedes Arn-Horn. She has a voice of an angel, but there’s a darkness brewing behind her persona. And the lyrics which bring these songs together, often brush against the bones of loves inner pain.

The wordplay is always beneficial, and on Courage My Love’s new record Synesthesia, there’s a dreamy exterior and a cut-throat interior, broadening the records appeal. Arn-Horn sings about smashed dreams and a cluttered mind, shooting her mouth off for the right reasons. Synesthesia is an atmospheric pile-driver of a record too. Don’t be fooled, it’s loud and unapologetic, made to address the world. It’s also different and breaks the barriers and norms, offering an insight into something unique.

These songs are all composed well. They’re broad and diverse, creeping up on the necks of bands similar in style. But, this trio doesn’t want to be pigeonholed, they want to hit the ground running with their guts intact and the music pulsating in those veins. All the tracks on Synesthesia are expertly driven. From the breakneck speed of ‘’Walls’’, which delivers an intense chorus and regret infused lyrics. Arn-Horn belts out her feelings with integrity. ‘’Tough Love’’ is a pop punk effort, opening diverse avenues of musicality. The back-beat is infectious, the guitar strokes, nip at the heart. ‘’The Year I Disappeared’’ is a slower song, managing to create an atmospheric burst of negativity, complete with a compelling chorus.

Courage My Love is a band going up, elevating above the normal pop punk routine.

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