Capping off a trilogy that began with 2015’s Faith in the Future, Craig Finn’s latest continues with the struggles of common folks simply trying keep up and keep sane in modern times, despite the rapid technological and environmental changes around them.

The setting for the bulk of the 10 songs here is New York, Finn’s home for nearly the past two decades. The city serves as a character as much as the people through songs like “A Bathtub in the Kitchen.” The lead single, “Blanket” is about a guy searching for a love that he long lost touch with, and the fantastic “Indication” again follows someone thinking about what his love is up to, this time backed by an electronic orchestra and a surprisingly effective sax solo.

Though Finn’s vocals are unmistakable after years of fronting The Hold Steady, his solo work is a bit more unexpected and experimental than what many have come to expect. It’s those unexpected moments, like the aforementioned “Indication” or the strong female backing vocals on a song like “Grant at Galena” that gave this record its real moments of charm.    

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