Crazy Lixx
Ruff Justice
(Frontiers Records)

These Swedish headbangers have actually been on my “bands to check out” radar for some time now, and I don’t know how it took me so long to finally give them an honest shot. But once I got past the somewhat cheesy (let’s face it) name and actually gave them a listen, I was instantly stoked/hooked. Their obvious ‘80s rock influences shine through with an abundance, yet they are way more authentic in their approach to what they do rather than the likes of, say, Steel Panther (who aren’t much more than a crass “joke” band at this point…and not an especially good one, either).

Simply put, Ruff Justice is pretty damn epic from start to finish. Tracks like “Shot with a Needle of Love,” “Wild Child,” and “Hunter of the Heart” are all straight out of the book of Dokken, while “Killer,” “XIII,” and “Live Before I Die” all sound as if they could have fit perfectly on the soundtrack album to just about any good ‘80s slasher flick (not surprisingly considering they even made their way onto the recently-released Friday the 13th: The Game). There’s even a power ballad in the form of “If It’s Love” for all you softies out there. If you’re as big of a dork about any of the above-mentioned stuff as I obviously am, then do yourself a favor, and just check these guys out.

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