Create A Kill is an old-school speed and thrash metal band based out of Miami, Florida. The line-up is built from a host of familiar names like Gus Rios and Alex Marquez from Malevolent Creation and Daniel Gonzalez from Possessed.

Summoned To Rise is their latest recording, and the eleven tracks hit like a fistful of glass. The first thing most listeners will notice is how neat and organized the band’s sound comes across. Everything is technically tight.

The opening track, “Create A Kill,” is viciously fast (maybe the fastest on the record) percussion hammering at seizure-inducing speed and accented with a brief, spiraling guitar solo. Vocally, Create A Kill’s performances are raspy and razor-worn, but at the same time, they’re conveyed with lyrical clarity.

The old-fashioned thrash sound on “Crave The Blade” shows the band’s deep influences, Slayer and Cliff Burton-era Metallica, to name a few, come to mind. That range and nuance continues on more restrained—if you want to call it that—tracks, “Decimate” and “Gauntlet of Pain.”

I think the band could have benefited from a bit more variety on this album. Longer, more expressive guitar solos would be nice, as often I found they were cut short just as the groove picked up energy. There is also a lack of tonal darkness throughout Summoned To Rise, which may be a stylistic choice the band made while in production.

After all, extreme speed seems to define their signature sound with frantic tracks like “Premeditated” and the aptly titled “The Sow Is Mine.” The result is that Create A Kill come like bullies, more malicious and threatening than ominous.

This is an album that badly wants to punch you in the mouth. Unlike others with similarly bad intentions, this one has a plan to do it.

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