Create To Inspire
(Basick Records)

The world does not necessarily need another melodic hardcore group, but like anything else in the world, it’s very worthwhile when it’s done well enough. On their full-length debut, Create To Inspire have a style somewhere between Being As An Ocean’s pensive post-hardcore and THECITYISOURS’ more boisterous and melodic bangers. The UK band features only one vocalist, and Sean Midson’s singing is fantastic; his raspy yell is perfectly fine, but his stadium-sized hooks really steal the show. At the moment in each song when he belts out the main melody, Create To Inspire are at their best, most notably on “Recluse” and the title track. The hardcore portion of the band’s sound is solid and filled with a good sense of texture; however, there are definitely moments that feel like the best version of the band is one that hlets Midson belt it out all the time.

That said, those moments are not frequent enough to derail what is otherwise a very enjoyable first impression. Create To Inspire are very talented, and while their version of melodic hardcore is familiar, these are expert artists in coloring within the lines. I’m very curious to hear where they go from here, but the potential for something special (not just great) is definitely there.

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