Coming from the U.K., James Cox, Steve Goddard, Jith Amarasinghe, and Same Lister make up the four-piece band called Crows. Formed in 2015, the bandmates have since successfully released EPs and have supported the likes of Wolf Alice and Girl Band. Prior listening to the record in full, “Chain of Being” and “Wednesday’s Child,” both released as singles earlier this year, immediately caught my attention and liking.

Cox provides more content behind the making of “Wednesday’s Child.”

“This is one of the songs that got me into a really strange headspace to write. When writing, I quite often go heavily into research wormholes, going really deep into subjects I’m curious about until it’s so uncomfortable I’ll have to shelve it for a while.

‘Wednesday’s Child’ is fundamentally about our communication with others, focusing on misunderstandings, not only between loved ones, but also how we treat strangers.

While I was in this weird research hole, I became really obsessed with the idea of mass hysteria, especially in Puritan colonial America and the witch hunts. Shifting blame onto someone else because you are too afraid to take responsibility is an age-old phenomenon that we will never learn from. I feel that happens today with our society and especially with how the press can demonise the innocent to protect the real evil. People are so easily convinced to attack the defenseless and defend the powerful.”

Cox’ melodic and phased-out vocals, which some might even call kind of sexy, instantly reminded me of acts like Interpol and She Wants Revenge. The title track and opener, “Silver Tongues,” sets the mood for the whole record, which is anything but the ordinary; the record is filled with many layers of dark, noise-progressive rock elements. Crows is one of the few bands that are bringing back this niche genre in 2019; it’s a breath of fresh air. Hopefully, these guys come tour in the states soon!

Silver Tongues is out now on Balley Records.  Purchase the album here


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