Deep User

Crushed is a NYC hardcore band that definitely does not play by the rules. Their thrashy take on classic NYC hardcore splits the difference between hardcore and noise rock. Two members of the band, guitarist Jeff Bobula and drummer Greg Smith, spent time in Survival, a proggy band that featured Liturgy’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix. In addition, vocalist Frank Miketa’s lyrics come from a more adult perspective, dealing with such things as the inevitability of death, as well as being a single father and fighting against addiction. So, given this information, you know, so this won’t be your standard hardcore.

Plus, the album sounds like it was recorded in a grotty basement in one of the more dangerous neighborhoods of New York City back in the day. The tracks are just slathered in feedback and white noise. It’s a very grimy sounding recording.

It works quite well for them.

“Tarnished Past” opens the EP in a swath of feedback, giving way to a menacing bassline and a chunky riff layered in feedback. “Annoying” goes faster and more chaotic, while “Narc” is pummeling and hectic. “Ain’t High No More Continues” on the furious pace of the two previous tracks. “Fried” starts mid-paced and then goes fast. Closer “Who Needs It” is a nearly six minute noisy trawl that drags you through the muck, ended with a final two minutes of feedback.

Deep User is a riveting collision between hardcore and noise rock. The band have crafted an EP that takes some standard musical building blocks and have created something original with them. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

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