Cunts is a bit of noiserock/noisecore supergroup featuring the talents of scene veterans vocalist Matt Cronk (Qui), guitarists Michael Crain (Festival Of Dead Deer, Retox, Dead Cross) and Sterling Riley (Hepa.Titus), bassist Keith Hendriksen (Virginia Reed, Kill The Capulets), and drummer Kevin Avery (Retox, Planet B), who bonded over their love of bands like the Cows and the Jesus Lizard.
But, it wasn’t just the music that drew them in; they wanted to capture that sense of unpredictability and wildness that these types of bands had in the live arena. It wasn’t what the bands played, but it’s how these bands played, and the dangerous, otherworldly vibe they gave off. 
It that regard, their self-titled debut is a smashing success. It captures that vibe perfectly while filling the air with noisy, discordant hardcore punk that has a bit more of a groove than some of its member’s other bands. Still, it’s beastly, ugly, and brimming with disgust. They also manage to pull off this trick while forging their musical path. Sure, you can hear bits and pieces of other bands and their other bands in here, but it’s a creation that is their own. Like you would expect anything different from the people involved with this album. 
So, with that said, Cunts is easily one of the best outsider hardcore punk records of the year. Though I hate using the “outsider” as a qualifier, because this is hardcore done right before a majority of it turned into a plodding, lead-footed, middle-paced slog through predictable breakdowns and tough-guy posturing. For that, it’s also one of the best aggressive, loud rock albums of the year, too. 
Lastly, I know they have a name that might be problematic for some, but I think the way to read it is in the English style, not the American way ,because the “C-word” means different things to British and American audiences. In England, a “cunt” can be an unsavory man. So, it fits the band’s noiserock ethos of “fuck you, fuck me,” by taking a jab at themselves, sort of like what Whores and Couch Slut do with their names.

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