Following the release of their label debut, The Place I Feel Safest (2017),  I Let the Devil In serves as a counterpunch to prove that Currents isn’t going anywhere.  The scathing, dissonant, reflective release delves into the depths of human psyche, a collection of songs written, rewritten, and honed to perfection over the course of several years.

I Let the Devil In builds on the aggression and power of previous releases, incorporating a much fuller, textured mix.  This EP serves to prove that Currents is a band not to be ignored, and damn, does it deliver.

The leading song of the release, “Into Despair,” launches you into a dissonant, chaotic hellscape.  The rapidly changing arrangement of the track invokes a sense of frenzy, of panic… and the chorus is deliciously headbangable.  The crescendo to the main breakdown, desperate and bare, creates a perfect moment of tension snapped by Bryan Wille’s cavernous vocals. The first song alone is enough to prove that Currents went no-holds-barred on this release.

The EP as a whole has everything a memorable metalcore release should have: soaring, epic choruses; frenetic, punk-influenced riffage; a healthy serving of breakdowns; incredibly moshable leads; and tranquil, clean passages to break up the chaos.  Tappy riffs are juxtaposed with panicked chords, paying homage to both punk and metal while creating an unique, genuine, crushing atmosphere.

Five tracks, a little over 19 minutes, but this short release is all it takes to know that Currents have officially arrived. If you love dark, dissonant, huge-sounding metalcore, do NOT sleep on this EP.

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