Cursed Earth
Cycles of Grief Volume 1: Growth EP

The best kind of EP is one that make you mad it’s over too quickly. That’s the case (and then some) with the latest release from Perth group Cursed Earth. Their HM-2-loving metallic hardcore style is perfectly suited to short bursts of unencumbered violence, and Cycles of Grief Volumes 1: Growth is jam-packed with powerful musical force. These five songs highlight Cursed Earth’s dexterity, as these riff-lords can really bring the heat, with buzzsaw riffs and shifting tempos often the norm; however, their “end-of-the-world” style breakdowns are no less vicious.

If anything, opener “WarMarch”, and extended breakdown, is a bit misleading as to the rest of the EP’s contents. Cursed Earth’s sound recalls Harm’s Way and the heaviest moments of Code Orange, though the Perth band’s ability to lean equally on their death metal and hardcore influences informs why these songs are so impressive. Cycles of Grief has all the energy of a live show packed in the audio, which makes the record’s discussion of coldness, addition, and violence so visceral. Cursed Earth aren’t the first band to combine HM-2 death metal riffs and hardcore energy, but this relatively unknown (Stateside, at least) Australian band are sure one of the best to do it. Cursed Earth have released one Hell of an EP and have all the potential to be one of the best new hardcore acts around.

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