St. Louis garage punkers are on a mission. The trio combines some classic punk sounds and run them around the block adding appropriate dings and grime. Dangerbird bring tales of disillusionment and shortcoming, soaking them with their punchy chords.

Mid-paced tempos (“Summer Song,” “Remember Me”) feel well-placed among sullen memories sung with enough sardonic bite. Other tracks surge with feverish intensity (“No Time,” “Ice Cream Man”).

Dangerbird switch the formula enough to not be repetitive like some contemporaries. But let’s not overthink anything. This is still good time rock n’ roll to have a beer and let off steam to. The guitars don’t indulge in any hero solos, but meander off of the path to make an impression. It feels stripped down but not basic.

They equip the quiver with bouncing drums that pop and crash with some background “oohs” and “ahhs” to elevate the grit with melodies. But jams like “Smoke” show a dirgy quality that isolates Dangerbird from the poppier peers. They are not afraid to get dirty. Catchy tracks throughout the album are a little snotty and add enough flare to the tracks to be memorable. Will Save Rock N’ Roll is a lot of fun.

RIYL: Lillingtons, Ramones, Queers, McGunks, Supersuckers

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