Science Agrees
(Cooking Vinyl)

D.A.R.K. is an interesting collaboration project, one that, while certainly less than the sum of its individual parts, still offers enough promise for something great in the future. The group is Dolores O’Riordan (singer of The Cranberries), Andy Rourke (of The Smiths), and Ole Koretsky (lesser-known NY-based artist). The resulting album is somewhat unexpected, as the group’s sound is definitely part of the electronic indie pop 80s revival style, part Depeche Mode, part Pet Shop Boys, and part something moodier. The overtly (and, unfortunately, overly-used) repetitive lyrics come across like personal mantras, but they give the impression of a lack of depth. It’s as if the band wanted something immediately appealing instead of digging deeper beyond the surface. The most glaring example is “Miles Away” with its video game-style electronics and simplistic feel. It’s still quite haunting and hooky (like the rest of the album), but it highlights an issue of identity for the band. They’re clearly talented and know how to write slick 80s-style electronic rock, but we have more than enough of that in 2016; how is D.A.R.K. going to push itself out of the flock? Thankfully, the album is good, but we should want and expect more from a group this collectively impressive.

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