Arctic Thunder

Arctic Thunder was the name of an ancient ’80s speed metal band that Fenriz admired. He reached out to the Arctic Thunder guys, and asked if he could name the new Darkthrone after their band.

It even sounds very old school heavy metal in its song structures. Darkthrone emerges as its own voice on every album, and this one sounds like an ode to fantastic speed and gloom of the 80s with a unique fierce Norwegian kick. Cirith Ungol, Celtic Frost, and Pagan Alter come to mind. Different styles and fusions resonate through the writing of Nocturno Culto as he blazes between riffs. As I was saying, this album is influenced heavy by some mighty doom bands, but you won’t miss out on that really raw and dark Darkthrone sound. Darkthrone’s music is a captivating lure into the world of true metal punks; bonded by mötorized tones, Nicturno Culto and Fenriz have held a place among the most genuine of heavy metal’s vanguard for decades for a reason.

It’s been more than a decade since Darkthrone dropped Too Old, Too Cold, but the name of that EP still rings true today in their music. In fact obviously they have definitely grown older, and you can hear that bitter chill is still very heavily a part of their music. Not unlike Too Old, Too Cold, the Arctic Thunder album is a salute to what brought Darkthrone to the table in the first place. Cloaked in darkness and Norwegian heathen barbarism, Arctic Thunder stands as a mighty reminder that Darkthrone are still at the top of the extreme metal horde, and they will be for all time.

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