The Darts
EP 2
(Dirty Water Records)

At the time of this writing, The Darts’s debut full-length, Me.Ow, is available through Dirty Water Records. These girls haven’t been a band for a full year (first forming in November 2016) and already prove a drive and unflinching work ethic upon each other. In that time frame, they’ve self-released two 10″ EPs and have tours in the United States and Europe in the books. So why focus on a past release when they have something more current? All groups have a beginning and their second EP is a part of this. None of them are new to this game, they’ve all cut their chops over the years in various garage, punk, and hard rock bands (The Love Me Nots, The Dollyrots, and Brainspoon) but have watched each other play when they’ve managed to cross paths. Mixing the genres of garage rock and psych rock, they’ve created a small yet respectable catalog of some of the catchiest songs 2017 has offered. The Darts are on the rise and their music and live show backs that statement up.

Opening up EP 2 is the single The Darts penned with John Carlucci (The Fuzztones, The Speedies), “My Heart Is A Graveyard.” An energetic track that mixes a catchy groove and fuzz laced guitar tone with singer/keys player Nicole Laurenne’s voice cutting through the instruments. The standout track, “I Want Your Fun,” is a commercially viable song as well. It’s a track with universal lyrics being accompanied with great, upbeat hooks that showcase the sparing abilities of guitarist Michelle Balderrama and Laurenne’s keys playing. The same applies to “I Want To Get You Off” with its bubblegum pop riff from Balderrama and the tranquil chorus harmonies from all the girls. “She’s Gone,” is a hard-charging garage rock track (in part to the intense groove that drummer Rikki Styxx and bassist Christina Nunez drive with this track) which sounds autobiographical to any of the girls from an event experienced in the past or present. “Kiss Of Fire” is the slow and seductive sounding finale to this second effort of theirs.

These girls have three facets of a working formula down: polished sound, an unpretentious vibe, and stylish looks.

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