If you google Darwin’s Finches, what appears is none other than scientific renderings of finches and an explanation of Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection.  If you scroll a little more, you’ll find the band, Darwin’s Finches, a punk outfit from Galveston, Texas. They’re a small band with a big personality and an incredible talent, and an example of the evolution of punk music. In other words, Darwin would be pleased with them.

Good Morning Creatures II, released through Artificial Head Records, is Darwin’s Finches’ first full-length release. The first track, “Good Morning Creatures (Big Stinky),”  begins with audio quoting Saint Bernard layered over an increasingly dissonant and energetic instrumentals.

The feedback and drums leave the listener a little breathless, and it invokes a feeling of excitement and mild anxiety, not unlike the feeling one gets before a show starts and the band is doing their soundcheck. The track jumps between just feedback and a full, audio onslaught of sound that leads the rest of the album by the wrist.  

The fourth track, “HWY 787”  features a dense arrangement and vocals that showcase a Texan growl that can only be matched by the ferocity of the gut-punch arrangement. The song pile-drives the listener into a hedonistic trance. This track’s instrumentals are steady and explosive with a familiar punk sound that has a matured, house show intensity.

On the final track, “Quixotic” we are left with a steady and strange outro. The manic vocals are layered perfectly over a drum-driven beat and humming bass with a hastily played lead guitar.

Darwin’s Finches’ first release is quite the treat, and it is sure to be a new favorite. Their fusion of Texan grit and old school punk make a for a match made in indie rock, “a24 Production House” ending credits, material. In short, Darwin’s Finches reminded me why I love indie-rock, and this album explored the depths of what authentic indie rock sounds like in faux indie saturated world.

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