Skirting the lines between noise rock, post-hardcore, and post-punk, Indiana-by-way-of-Atlanta artist Kylee Kimbrough has released one Hell of a vicious and riotous statement with her band’s debut. Kimbrough moved to Bloomington, Indiana (Go Hoosiers!) from Atlanta due to a seemingly never-ending string of setbacks. It’s clear from the sounds of Sodium that there was a lot she had to get off her chest, and it results in a very loud, aggressive, and caustic listening experience. She’s behind the kit and screaming her lungs out, which explains the unusual kinship between the drumming and vocals; rarely in hardcore are they so in step as they are here, and it helps give the songs an added layer of forward momentum (not that they really needed it, but you get the drill).

Dasher’s style is both familiar and fresh, not all that dissimilar from acts like METZ, Iceage, and Protomartyr, though you can tell the famous sludge/fuzz/noise scene in Atlanta seeped into the record. It plays like a hardcore band writing indie tunes, as this is all energy and very little nuance. Aside from some memorable lines from Kimbrough – her listing off foods is funny, though her vein-popping scream of “You fucking piece of shit” is goosebumps-worthy – there’s little that really comes out from the individual songs. Sodium is a very fast, loud, and angry listen, so it’s a good thing it’s also a short one. It’s not easy to digest, but that’s the point; Dasher are about catharsis, and for pure emotion, few emanate anger and passion quite like Dasher do. I’m really curious how Kimbrough and company follow up Sodium, as this is an album that’s really an experience, a moment in time. Do they ease off the pedal, or do they double down on the aggression? Either way, the future is hazy, but it’s bright for Dasher.

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