The Nashville jangle punks in Datenight aren’t ones to belabor a point. In fact, their average song on their latest LP hovers around the two-minute mark. Short, fast, loud bursts of energy, the way all punk rock should be played.

Comin Atcha’ 100 MPH, their second full length, shows the band growing a bit musically – but thankfully, not too much. The songs are more cohesive than earlier efforts and they’re branching out more stylistically. While they still keep punk rock at the core of just about everything, a song like “Afraid to Play,” for example, comes off like early Talking Heads.

The chords may be simple, but it’s hard to deny how catchy these hooks are. Not every song here earns it place; at two minutes and twenty seconds – the record’s longest track – album closer “Uniform” is simply monotonous and droning. But, elsewhere on the record, the band delivers short, sharp bursts of fun, frenetic energy. Enough that you excuse them for the few missteps along the way.

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