Dawn of Disease
Ascension Gate
(Napalm Records)

For someone who doesn’t usually go for those fashionable death metal bands, this 80s thrash buff, was more than surprised. I found myself listening to certain tracks over and over. “Passage,” the album opener, is the best intro track I have come across in a while. Not only does it set the tone for the rest of the album, giving a solid foundation for the following tracks to build off, but it’s one of those songs that kind of just catches you off guard and pulls you in, a song you immediately like the first time hearing it.

“Passage” leads you into “Perimortal” a song I think captures the album’s style and feel in one, four-minute listen. I had this one on repeat for a hot second, my favorite off the record, it has solid percussion driving the song, and a masterfully crafted guitar harmony line over the top. These two really marry the song to what I feel really makes the it; the vocals. Now, not that there is anything beautiful or acutely amazing about the vocals, but they do show the ability to do heavy vocals and still form a melody and not just heavy growls etc. a thing I think many metal bands rely too heavily on these days.

The title track “Ascension Gate,” didn’t really capture me all that much. It was good but there were other songs I would choose to hit play on over this one.

Ascension Gate has more of a doom metal feel, with a tiny bit of sludge thrown in and it has a great groove to it, so if doom is what you’re looking for, this is a great one. One thing I can objectively say is, the biggest thing Dawn of Disease has going for them, is their tightness as a band. Their tempo and rhythm is always on, no discrepancies there, all the guitar transitions are smooth, and right in line with the vocals. They’re a solid death metal band, that does well representing the German metal scene.

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