Dead Girls Academy is a Los Angeles-based band headed by Michael Orlando, formerly of the band Vampires Everywhere. After a tussle with death, Michael underwent three years of reconstructive surgery and rehab before getting a second chance of life.

With Dead Girls Academy and their new project, Alchemy, Orlando is taking on a darker side of rock and roll. Alchemy houses a darker tone of popular synth rock, and showcases the often lackluster vocals and lyrics that tend to come with the genre.

Through a few tracks, you feel the energetic instrumentals are enough to enjoy the music, but even what starts off as rowdy and raw guitar and drum play turn into an overly synthetic production.

The vocals are better on a track like “I Can’t Feel A Thing.” Despite a heavy layer of autotune, the style works. Other tracks on Alchemy range from sleepy or lame to just terrible; I was especially over this project by the time I got to “Cannibal.”

Overall, Alchemy is an entirely skippable record from Dead Girls Academy. The genre of this record feels dated, and it was a struggle to find a single good song as a takeaway. I’m openminded about the fact that sometimes a genre just isn’t for me, but I question the taste of anyone who would enjoy this.

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