If you’re like me and have enjoyed all the genres Walter Schreifels has explored (even the Brit-pop of Walking Concert is great), you’ll certainly be on board for his version of stoner rock with Dead Heavens. And if Schreifels alone isn’t enough to spark your interest, he’s in more than capable company here, aligned with members of White Zombie, Cults and Youth of Today.

Though the album leads with a synth track, it’s not long before thick bass-lines, fuzzed out guitars and a subtle sludge atmosphere take over, revealing a debt to ’70s sounds and a heavy psychedelia influence. Schreifels and friends aren’t strangers to blues, prog, and garage rock either, and while most of us probably didn’t see this coming from several guys prone to hardcore, it’s hard to deny that the guitar solos, hazy, sprawling sounds and even Schreifels’ falsetto make this one of the most enjoyable albums in recent history.

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