We Won’t Let You Sleep

Since 2010, this heavy bass and drum duo from Australia has made it their mission to put out some of the most twisted noisy loud rock committed to wax, while playing everywhere around the world. They keep up a pretty hectic release and touring schedule. For a two piece, they create a pretty diverse racket, covering everything from sludge punk rockers to feedback driven noise wipeouts. They keep it interesting.

On their most recent album, We Won’t Let You Sleep, they streamline the process a little bit, making for them, a more straightfoward and pop leaning record. Well, as pop leaning as they can get.

It opens with the heavy instrumental “Frankly” (which is later joined by its brother instrumental “Frank Lee”), that leads right into “Fingers As Arrows”, which builds tension and then releases it in the best possible way. “Chartreuse Blew” mines a doomier groove, with some soloing from the bass. “Where’s My Gold Star” is downright menacing. “Picking Teeth” is an uptempo rocker that could become a radio hit, if the radio played songs like this. It’s catchy and powerful. “Don’t Skimp On The Change” is a deliberately paced sludge punk number that is heavy and hard hitting.

We Won’t Let You Sleep is another fine addition to this duo’s burgeoning discography. If you dig noise rock or the heavier side of riff rock, you will find something to like on this album. Plus, it’s an excellent introduction to a person who is new to this band’s grotty charms. It’s quite a banger.

Purchase the album here.

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