Death of Kings
Hell Comes To Life
(Boris Records)

Once again the Southeastern United States reinforces why they are the fertile breeding ground of high quality, unpretentious metal with the new EP from Death of Kings, appropriately titled Hell Comes To Life. When you throw this record on the music-playing device of choice, you are catapulted to a time when the first wave of global thrash metal was blossoming and the most notorious tongues in heavy music belonged to Gene Simmons and your Reeboks. How the hell these guys don’t yet have a full length out is beyond me but from the PR dissemination accompanying this release, one’s on the way and obscenely long overdue. These cats hail from the moist crevice of Atlanta and have been working either the straight DIY route with their EP releases or having Boris Records (the fine folk behind this pit inducer) release their treasonous messages amongst the hordes.

For eight minutes, Hell Comes To Life forces upon you savage and uncompromising thrash metal grandeur. Hell, the artwork describes perfectly what to expect, a leveling! Kicking off the A-side is the blistering title track that harks 1980’s Bay Area thrash metal nostalgia with shouting vocals over speed riffing layered with tapping solos, whammy dives and some damn fine battery power. The chorus delivery itself evokes a vision of the band raging inside the confines of a steel cage while 1,000 kutte clad, godless heathens run amok over the wreckage surrounding the perimeter. Side B has the regiciders paying homage to Judas Priest with a maniacal 200 bpm rendition of Painkiller’s second cut “Hell Patrol.” Short, brutal and to the point, Hell Comes To Life is a great sample of hopefully what’s soon to come from these guys, this album should be damn good.

Iron Reagan needs to tour with these guys, just saying.

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