In a world of thousands of subgenres and complicated metal politics, sometimes it’s nice just to kick back and relax with some straightforward Norwegian black metal. And that’s exactly what Deathcult offer up with their latest release, Cult of the Goat. 

While the record is certainly classic when it comes to being grim and heavy, it also offers its own unique take on the black metal sound.  As their sophomore record, it stays true to the sound fans have come to expect from the band, but is definitely a little more refined.

The album kicks off with “Climax of the Unclean,” coming in at over eight minutes with plenty of traditional riffs layered with impressive guitar work and even some clean vocals. “The Oath” is another standout track, combining plenty of beloved black metal tropes and a really strong chorus.

Those who want their black metal blistering and heavy shouldn’t refrain from  buying this album and playing it loud. If you’re looking for something experimental and unpredictable, this isn’t it, but if you want to hear no-holds-barred black metal with some depth, and played well, then look no further.

Purchase the album here. 


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