Decent Criminal
(Dodgeball Records)

There’s countless amounts of music you should dodge, duck, dip, dive, and… dodge these days. Especially in the punk rock world. One band you should let hit you square in the face however is Dodgeball Records 90s influenced punk rockers Decent Criminal. While they may only be decent in a criminal aspect, they are definitely above your ‘Average Joe’ musically.

With similarities to early Green Day and the slickest, sickest, waxiest, guitar riffs you could ever imagine paddling out and catching the gnarliest of waves to, Decent Criminal’s Bloom consists of solid catchy punk rock energy while blending a surf rock/power pop undertone throughout the album’s entirety. This Santa Rosa four piece does a radical job at holding close to the 90s punk rock roots. Each song holds no surprise with it’s basic structure, making it that much easier to lay back, rock out, and let the album Bloom take you for a ride.

The album starts off hot and heavy with “Deviant,” which is currently available for your listening pleasure through the Dodgeball Record’s YouTube channel. Imagine if Dookie was written now, on a surfing trip, or check it out for yourself below.

Keeping the punk beach theme going, Bloom keeps the positive vibes rich and catchy with soon to be your new favorites “Waver,” “Melt” without losing hold of the tidal, heart thumping rawness found in “Neurotic” and “Expectations.” But don’t take my word for it, get lucky on Friday, October 13th when Bloom becomes completely available on all listening formats.

Purchase the album here.


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