Before we dive in, just, who is Deconstructing Sequence, anyway? Glad you asked. It all starts with Northwail, a band who had roots in a proggy, death / black metal-ish, type sound. They released two records – Enigma in 2008 and Cold Season in 2011 before splitting up due to, wait for it, the greatest rock N roll reason of all time – artistic differences. But did that stop band members, Morph and Tiberius? No. Make that a Hell no.

Instead they continued more towards the progressive side of their music while hammering out the components of both heavy and metal and how each factored into the sound concept that would eventually become this band. To say their musical exploration was left of center, even avant-garde, is an understatement. Deconstructing Sequence was founded on the premise that music, even heavy music, should never be dictated by, nor acknowledge boundaries and/or parameters. In other words, anything goes as long as it fits into the bigger picture, and gels with the sound and music itself. Morph and Tiberius call this “Extreme Progressive Art.” That’s about as right on as you can get.

Dance beats, blast beats, synthesizers, death metal, black metal, industrial, samples and pop. And that’s just touching the surface of what Deconstructing Sequence is, and what their new record, Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities of Space, sounds like. It’s definitely a melting pot of every kind of musical influence Morph and Tiberius could construct, deconstruct, fabricate, re-fabricate, and retrieve patterns of ingenious sound from. The band, as does their record, sounds like a marriage between The Electric Hellfire Club and Obituary, Front 242 and Cannibal Corpse, Mayhem and Controlled Bleeding. All mashed up. All fucking each other. All spatting out bastard children of strange beats and heavier beatings.

Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities of Space is science fiction inspired, metallic tinged, conceptual art that forces you, the listener, to step out of your headbanging comfort zone and into territory Deconstructing Sequence knows you won’t be comfortable with. What DS accomplishes with this record is reinterpreting sound and aggression in such a way that their style is constantly changing and evolving throughout the course of Cosmic Progression.

Is this record heavy, extreme? Yes, in ways that haven’t really been explored before. But in a fashion, I’d like to hear more of. This style of music, as experimental and boundless as it is, lives and dies by its fusion and cohesion, which it has. Deconstructing Sequence pulls it off, and believe it or not, this whole record flows pretty damn well. I highly recommend this record. It’s heavy, it’s unique and it’s never boring. Check it out…

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Theron Moore has been freelance writing since 1989 as a staff writer for SLAM Magazine (Stateline Area Magazine, Northern IL / Southern WI), and contributor to Jake Wiseley’s (Red Decibel Records) Sheet Metal Magazine. He’s also published zines Louder Than God, The Saint Vitus Press & Poetry Review, For Those About to Rock, and blogs Church of the Necronomicon and All My Friends Are Rock Stars (AMFARS). Moore has contributed music, & movie reviews, and artist interviews to websites, Wormwood Chronicles, The Sludgelord, New Noise Magazine and Metal Forces Magazine. He is the author of All My Friends Are Rock Stars, Volumes I-III; Gangsters, Harlots and Thieves; Belvidere, Books & Guns; Blood on the Screen, Blood on the Page; all titles available on Amazon.

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