Del Judas is the nomme de artiste of former Tombs drummer Charlie Schmid. In fact, it’s a complete 180 turn for the artist, as Del Judas deals in spooky goth country music, filled to the brim with tales of lust, love and death. What’s even more incredible is how he nails the feel of a windswept, haunted Western landscape, while living in New York City. (In fact, the vocals and instruments were recorded by Schmid in his Brooklyn apartment.) That’s quite a feat in itself. Luckily, the songs are just as strong as the mood he’s setting on the album.

“Dancing With The Dead” opens the album with a slice of twangy spookiness, while “The Desert Speaks” is mournful and chilling. “Of Love And Death” shows more a post punk hand, while still retaining it’s country roots. The title track is ominous and discordant, while “Lonely Hearted” is forlorn yet slightly danceable. “Little White Churches” closes out the album in literal smoke and fire, with a lustful, blasphemous love, so hot it burns down the holy buildings referenced in its title. Talk about going out “hot”.

Deity is an auspicious debut from Del Judas. It’s a fully realized piece of spooky Americana. Here’s hoping we get more music from Schmid under this moniker in the future.

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