Dimmu Borgir
Forces of the Northern Night

(Nuclear Blast)

Dimmu Borgir’s live DVD Forces of the Northern Night is an enchanting experience that reveals the industry’s most popular symphonic black metal band at their explosive best.

The first DVD channels all of the energy of a frantic Dimmu Borgir concert unraveling in The Oslo Spektrum. The addition of an eerie entourage of cloaked orchestra musicians brings a mystique that catapults Borgir into a special domain. Filmed in 2011, the set includes 17 tracks throughout all eras of the iconic band’s career.

The sound is absolutely stunning, and the ambiance of the grim stage is out of this world. The contributions of the Norweigian Radio Orchestra are simply spectacular.

On DVD 2, the Oslo based outfit are joined by 100 members of a live orchestra on the grandest stage of heavy metal. Dimmu Borgir carry their music to epic blackened heights fit for a stage the grandeur of Wacken Open Air.

Nothing lifts the atmosphere of the band’s eerie and iconic sound like a classical orchestra playing along before thousands of metal heads standing in stunned silence across a German field. When darkness falls, the orchestra assumes a cryptic resonance.

Both sets are about 90 minutes long.

The band’s frontman and founding member Shagrath calls it the pinnacle of their career, and says “As a band, we’ve always used a lot of symphonic elements in our music. But we haven’t been able to use a real orchestra. We’ve had to use samples, synthesizers and so on, so this was a huge, awesome experience for us.”

The DVD is split into two sets, with one from the Oslo Spektrum in 2011, and the second being their WOA set in 2012.

It’s been about seven years now since Dimmu Borgir released their last album on the masses of loyal fanatics. Forces of the Northern Night is an outstanding double assault that will fill the void, but the band promises more to come in 2017.

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