LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!
(AFM Records)

The man, the voice himself, Udo Dirkschneider, drops LIVE – Back to the Roots – Accepted! to celebrate the music he made with his former band, Accept. Dirkschneider doesn’t miss a beat on this record. Live is where he shines. Udo is a monster, a road warrior looking for his next gig and LIVE – Back to the Roots – Accepted! reflects that.

For those of you who may not be entirely familiar, Udo Dirkschneider is the former lead singer of German metal masters, Accept. And for a while now, Udo’s been tearing up venues all over the world on his “Back To The Roots – Accepted” tour in which he’s playing a set list almost exclusively of Accept songs with the idea that once this touring cycle is over he won’t be singing these tunes again. LIVE – Back to the Roots – Accepted! is an amazing document of Accept’s original voice singing these classic songs with sizeable power and tremendous force.

Says Udo, “It’s still so much fun to sing these songs live, they are a part of my biography, but nevertheless it’s about time to turn that page. There was so much talking and speculations about me and ACCEPT, so this is kind of a musical statement from my end – which seems to be very interesting for the fans who came to these shows“.

Studio records have never done this man justice. Udo lives for the stage and this record captures that, and more. It has to be mentioned that the production on this record is top notch. The guys behind the scenes really pulled out all the stops, I mean, this is Udo afterall, with a voice like a jet engine and stage presence ten stories tall. When it comes to a live record, production is everything. Production is the difference between a project sounding great and a project that falls apart. LIVE – Back to the Roots – Accepted! stands tall. Nice job here.

But the big question, is, does Dirkschneider still have the chops or is it game over? Granted, he’s showing his age a bit, but who isn’t, right? If anything, age has textured that metal rasp of his, and that’s it. Dirkschneider is at the top of his game here, no doubt. Back To The Roots – Accepted is a great record with an outstanding selection of songs including fan favorites, “Metal Heart,” “Midnight Mover” and “Balls to the Wall.” Udo’s been an icon in the metal realm for the last 35+ years and this record showcases that. For Accept fans, for Udo fans, for metal fans, buy this record.

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