The Dirty Nil
Minimum R&B
(Fat Wreck Chords / Dine Alone Records)

Canadian trio The Dirty Nil may only have one proper studio LP to their name, but thanks to a slew of singles and EPs dating back to 2011, there are plenty of songs to fill out Minimum R&B, their just-released singles collection.

While the band certainly has some punk leanings, and is on the roster of one of the definitive indie punk labels in the U.S. (Fat Wreck), this collection proves they are so much more than just your average pop punk paint-by-numbers band.

Starting off with their first single, “Fuckin’ Up Young,” Minimum R&B shows the band was ready to headline from day one. Playing loud, sloppy fun anthems, like “Guided By Vices” or more slow tempo gritty jams, like “Verona Lung” or “Caroline” the band is capable of sliding in and out of genres.

Some of the songs here are better than others, but even their weaker tracks are still endearing. A fantastic look back at one of the most promising new bands around today.

Purchase the album here: Fat Wreck Chords | Dine Alone Records


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