The Dissociates
After Hours at the Violet Club
(Safety Second Records)

The Dissociates hail from punk nexus, London. The accented snarl is reminiscent of all the classics. Their music infuses obvious influences brought draws from American punk like Fugazi and Fugazi, proudly. And then when you adjust to that, they throw in proto-punk pushes of mod and maximum RnB. All of this fuses into a raucous, raw ball of energy. This is their fourth EP, second on Safety Second Records. It is out now.

As straight forward as a riff or two maybe, focused on punching delivery, The Dissociates definitely focus on some structured songwriting. Each track is its own animal. The Dissociates do not repeat approaches on these four tracks. In fact, each track almost hones in on certain influences. I would look forward to a full length where the band could flesh out ideas and see how they deal with ten or twelve tracks on the same platter.

The time changes and separate sections of each track boast fierce emotion parts by which the band engages the audience, never repeating. “Delete All” is a darker, more feral, tantrum than the others. This initial engagement of the EP will rile up even the crustiest bastard. The bridge builds and builds. The lo-fi production is coarse and exposed. It’s a gem. “Dial House” is a sparse approach with a single hypnotic guitar line and pushed clean vocals. This is their Fratellis, Editors, The Who interpretation of alt-punk, while still getting some Doghouse Records style. It’s a solid track, but one you can play for your less punk friends. It grows on you after the third listen as equally brash.

“Gallway House” taps into that Fugazi influence quickly, fronted with a tension filled riff. That riff surfaces intermittently throughout the song. The main verses and bridges though are a poppy punk toe tapper. Catchy yet somber vocals lie above a streetpunk/RVA, heart tugging toned guitars. “Longplayer” is a clunky plodder. While I like the lyrics, the disjointed manner of the beat eludes my interest.

RIYL: Fugazi, Dead Kennedys, Ceremony, Gallows, Cloak/Dagger, Born Liars, Hot Water Music

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