Here Now, There Then
(Prophecy Productions)

When you combine members from The Devil’s Blood, The New Media, Gold, and infamous rock singer Ryanne van Dorst, you get DOOL (the Dutch term for “wandering”). Their debut record Here Now, There Then has much in common with acts like Blue Öyster Cult and Ghost. Ringing with haunting melodies and kick ass rock and roll, DOOL comes out with a bold and rewarding work. From the beginning Here Now, There Then is packed with dreamy and gothic progressions, that together create an energy to reflect emotion.

There is a variety of sounds to be heard throughout the album. Ranging from psychedelic, hard rock, to slower and chilling numbers, Here Now, There Then makes for a thematic collection. There is a lingering creepy factor in all the songs that comes with a Victorian horror movie vibe. Most noticeable in this album is how powerful the guitar and vocals are. “In Her Darkest Hour”, this neat progression with bits and pieces of sonic guitar notes and bells all lead up to a beautiful and somber chorus. The inflection in Dorst’s voice entwines wonderfully around the guitar and rises to a shadowy radiance. “Golden Serpents” sounds like a Blue Öyster Cult song. The track drops bright guitar pieces sprinkled through, as underneath there hovers a hazy and bluesy atmosphere. There’s a vibrant fuzz that comes off each note that physically washes over the listener. Breaking from that, the band goes into a brief jam that creates a slight pick me up from the overall tone.

Drumming shifts from cool flows to heftier drives, this use is apparent in “The Death Of Love”. With a spacey intro that focuses on guitar and vocals, eventually we get a basic flow that dances forward, slowly picking up tempo. Things settle just ever so slightly, to bring in an electrifying and haunting energy as drums clash and the guitar wails. “Oweynagat” kicks off a simple rock rhythm, easing up on previous song’s darker tones. Then comes this section where as a whole, the band creates a distance in sound, just to return with chanting and a screeching effect. That brings in the familiar elements we’ve come to know, but in a new form. DOOL find themselves through multiple sounds and structure to make each song unique and fresh.

There is some crazy variety in Here Now, There Then. Making one hell of a surprise with each track and a wicked collection of music, DOOL knows how to entertain. Using elements ranging from blues, heavy rock, psychedelic, and even more, DOOL have presented a buffet that many can enjoy. The album finds its most powerful tools in guitar and vocals, helping to create the majority of emotion and excitement. Keeping listener’s on their toes with catchy hooks, haunting tones, and groovy melodies, Here Now, There Then makes for a strong debut.

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