Doomsday Student
A Self​-​Help Tragedy
(Three One G)

Abstract, abrasive and heavily distorted is the best way to describe Providence, RI noise fiends Doomsday Student. It’s an onslaught or rawness and unbridled fury that invades the mind. The band is like if Devo, Daniel Johnston, Fugazi and Naked City had a crazed lovechild who is continuously causing a ruckus. Their third album A Self-Help Tragedy that came out in December 2 of 2016 is a continuation of ever-changing rhythms and unconventional tone. The quartet of Eric Paul, Stephen Mattos, Craig Kureck and Paul Viera create music that captivates the senses while destroying any norms that get in their way.

Paul, Mattos, Kureck and Viera are no strangers to the illustrious underground music scene in Providence. The band is somewhat of a supergroup with members coming from the ranks of acts like Arab On Radar, The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automation and Chrome Jackson. These guys have been around for a while and their experience shows in the pristine style that Doomsday Student embodies. A Self-Help Tragedy comes at the ears like a freight train crashing through a brick wall. An intense approach melds with personal and poetic lyrics to form a sound that’s not meant for the comfortable.

With the drums and bass thudding from start to finish, “L.S.D. Mom” has riffs that give a vibe reminiscent of a ban saw cutting through steel. The abstract and abrasive characteristics are best described after listening to “Yoko Ono’s Nightmare”. It doesn’t let up at all and the intensity never dies down. “Wonderful” is the weirdest track on the album with some crazy pedal work that give off a slight psychedelic vibe. It’s an artistic confrontation to the vanity of celebrity culture that is everywhere you look.

Doomsday Student will be celebrating the release of A Self-Help Tragedy at The Parlour in Providence on March 30 with post-punk trio Way Out and electrifying new act Secret Circle. It’s a night where you’ll need to bring ear plugs because the volumes will be at an all-time high. While you’re at the show, grab a copy of the album and then turn it up when you plug it in.

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