Downfall of Gaia
(Metal Blade Records)

Not their first album, and the band shows no signs of deterioration. Very atmospheric, rather grand and awe-inspiring is the dark metal sound of Atrophy, which enraptures you and keeps you on tenterhooks, and may bring on a familiar feeling of suspense that you’d get from action thriller movies.

Anticipation builds with each song coming to a climax, and an ultimate downfall of Gaia. They’re impressive songs, maintaining their horsepower – the undulating rhythms are pounding with their guitars soaring to a dangerous altitude. The instruments include keyboards, which are fantastic, at times lending to a classical style. Maybe you’re needle-dropping your own thoughts into what seems to be a musical score or pictorial composition. The emotions you’ll find are similar to the intensity of war scenes, where the innocence escalates from defense of yourself into impending doom, immersing you in a hopeful quest for glory. These musicians are few and far between and will continue their adventures for years to come.

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