I, The Dreamer
Shadow Hearts
(Standby Records)

For their label debut, I, The Dreamer have recorded five new songs for Shadow Hearts, excluding the 2016 singles that got them discovered. Though some fans may be a little upset by this, this fresh collection serves its purpose in displaying the band’s growth in the year that’s passed since their public inception. That being said, I, The Dreamer could still use some more time before creating something truly memorable. The biggest issue lies within the clean vocals; they often sound staged, not genuinely passionate (whereas the screams are vicious and appropriately scratchy). As a result, potentially gravitational moments within the album are sadly being held back.

Still, there are enough scenes of grandeur scattered throughout Shadow Hearts that the EP should do well in reeling in new listeners for its cause. “The Black and White of Sleepless Nights” alone is enough to nail down fresh fans of screamo and metalcore with its perfect blend of pop and post-hardcore breakdowns. I, The Dreamer certainly have talent, no question there. Lets just hope they sharpen up the edges some more, and go all-fucking-out on their actual full-length record to come.

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