But Wait… There’s More!
(Beer City Records)

Way back in the 1980s, D.R.I. helped to introduce the world to hardcore music, becoming known for their short, fast and aggressive music. Their iconic dancing man logo adorned fat deck skateboards and t-shirts across the nation. As they explored a crossover thrash sound, the band became an inspiration for a generation of followers. During their 80s peak period they had a half dozen releases, including as many songs on a single full length as contemporaries Minor Threat released in their entire career. The band continued playing live for the majority of their existence, with core members Kurt Brecht (vocals) and Spike Cassidy (guitar) being present since their 1982 formation. Despite being relatively quiet in terms of record releases since the early 90s, D.R.I. are back with a strong reminder why they are regarded as one of the original legendary hardcore bands.

It is mildly disappointing that the triumphant return of D.R.I. is a short EP release that clocks in under 10 minutes. That being said, the five tracks fly by in quick blasts of crushing guitar and tough guy hardcore shouts, begging for repeated listens, which ensures that the songs worm their way into your mind quickly. The metal influence is toned down on these songs, as they focus on their punk roots and classic hardcore riffs. Two of the five tracks are recorded versions of early songs, as “Couch Slouch” (originally on the Violent Pacification EP) and “Mad Man” (from Dealing With It!) are updated, while still managing to retain the energy of the originals from over
three decades ago. The band’s choice to redo these two songs provides insight into the direction of the new songs, which lean decidedly more on the early punk and hardcore sound before they began experimenting with metal and thrash.

Fans of the heyday of the 80s hardcore movement should be excited to hear some new D.R.I. music. It’s a great time for the genre, which has seen recent releases from DOA and Dayglo Abortions as well as news of an upcoming Suicidal Tendencies album. These five tracks capture everything that classic D.R.I. represented and are a must own for long time fans and newcomers alike. It is fast, loud, full of grit and over in less than 10 minutes, an emphatic statement that men in their 50s can rock just as hard as anyone.

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