Under The Wave Blanket
(Red Flag)

These Austin punk rockers make an auspicious debut on Under The Wave Blanket. They play raucous and noisy hardcore that doesn’t skimp on melody or emotion.

Vocalist Jeffrey Blum’s tortured howl cuts right to the chase on these three songs imbuing them with sadness, frustration, but also triumph. The title track concerns a very low time in the vocalist’s life, where all seemed lost, but he managed to pull himself out of his downward spiral. The music that crashes around him is dark and exhilarating. “Desperation Growing” is noisy and dark, dragging its demons out into the light, while “The Shivers” mines a more deliberate pace, but still packs a visceral and emotional punch.

Under The Wave Blanket is an exhilarating blast of dark hardcore, that will help shake your demons loose. It also your introduction to a very talented hardcore punk group. Seek this out.

Purchase the album here.

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