Artists will be hard-pressed to beat Drowse’s Cold Air in 2018 for dark, depressive music.

Drowse is the alias of Kyle Bates, a musician prone to dark introspection and depressive behavior. Because he has battled with suicidal thoughts and and breakdowns, he has a lot of fuel to channel into his music. And the darkness is met by an equally abrasive quality when it comes to sound. Drowse manages to fuse elements of shoegaze, soft metal and ambient music to make something that perfectly expresses his emotions. Many of the songs are accompanied by vocals form Maya Stoner, giving the music an etherial quality.

“Two Faces” is the darkest, most abrasive song on the album, and also the heaviest and most layered. “Klonopin” is something of a “single” from the album, classically weaving melodies in with dark subject matter.

This is definitely a recommended record for someone who wants to engage in some introspection. However, this is certainly not a feel-good album, or one that can be put on any time. Still, for those in the right mood, this is highly recommended.

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