Dusk Before Dawn
Dream Griever

If you’re a fan of classic metalcore and those bands keeping it alive – think Unearth down to Miss May I – you need to listen to Dusk Before Dawn.

Easily some of the best metalcore to come out from an unsigned band this year, the band’s new EP, titled Dream Griever, will stick in your head like glue and demand that you listen over and over again.

Dream Griever is a jam – but it’s also more than that. More than something to just bob your head to, the EP contains some melodic heavy guitar playing that you can really get into. It’s serious mosh material to the point that it wouldn’t be surprising if the band caught the attention of a label soon and/or eventually ended up on Warped. Dream Griever is the sound of a band with a future ahead of them.

In a scene where the vocals often have a lot to do with people’s enjoyment of the music, Dusk Before Dawn delivers. The vocals on the release, both the lows and the cleans, are incredibly listenable and accessible to the point where you could almost say that the band has produced radio ready metalcore – and metalcore obviously doesn’t often make it onto the radio.

Lyrically, the release covers a wide but cohesive array of issues, from relationship issues to personal issues of depression and mental illness. The lyrics are thoughtful and clearly heartfelt; for example, on track 3, called “Background,” the band’s Elijah Ridley sings, “It’s not about mind over matter because it’s my mind that drags me under!”

Just when you’ve thought you’ve heard it all on the release, the band turns outward thematically on the release’s final track, called “Sleeping Beast.” On “Sleeping Beast,” the band addresses the ongoing decay of the environment and the threat of climate change in a measured, thoughtful manner. That song says, in part: “A final plea escapes from my lips – release the earth from human grip!”

Production-wise, Dream Griever sounds at first listen crisper than the band’s last release, Traumatized, although the strong, heavy melody is fairly comparable across the two releases. Daniel Gailey of Phinehas mixed and mastered Dream Griever, and Darkness Divided’s Gerard Mora has a vocal feature on the release’s final track, “Sleeping Beast.”


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